XRwave Technical Foundation

XR technology is a technology that realizes virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

This is the first time that XR technology has been introduced into teaching in the world. It originated from the technology service we provided to an international school in China and began to apply it in practice.

In the future, our XR technology will be integrated into all educational environments, we have a huge potential audience and have full potential to develop.

Technology & Service

Improve learning ability

• Enhanced Learning Experience: Students can enhance their learning experience with virtual and augmented reality through specialized programs developed by us, along with wearing and using the necessary equipment.

• Break through the traditional teaching medium: The latest XR technology allows you to enter the scene, see, touch and experience three-dimensional phenomena and form interactions, which is unmatched by traditional teaching materials, which are limited to two dimensions. Interest and motivation to learn will increase significantly.

• Stimulate intellectual curiosity: Once you experience the world, your intellectual curiosity will be stimulated and you will develop the habit of seeking out more knowledge and experiences. As XR technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for every student expand infinitely.

XR teaching application

Disciplinary integration

• In International School, as the XR curriculum is not limited to itself

• XR technology has been integrated into multidisciplinary applications(Physics class,History class,Chemistry class), greatly improving the types and experience of teaching aids.

Medical applications-Visualization

XR Panoramic Medical Scene Demonstration.

XR promotes medical interaction and expands telemedicine.

XR shows and predicts the medical process and pathological development of patients in the whole scene Provide stable doctor-patient relationship and form visualization of pathological analysis in the whole process.