AutoCoach was started with the goal to provide Coaches, Teachers and Athletes with equipment that allowed a new way of approaching Training and Competitions. We looked at how things were traditionally practiced in the industry and took a new approach at solving some old problems. We wanted to develop a system that was integrated, expandable and updatable – and to be state of the art, yet affordable. By combining hands on feedback from leading Olympic coaches and the latest advances in wireless technology, we have evolved an intuitive system that helps the coach be more effective, makes squad and event management much easier, and does it all with a greater level of engagement.


Simple and easy to use, the AutoCoach stopwatches measure & store the basic measurements (time, splits, lap times & stroke rates) as well as high performance measurements (velocities, SI, SWOLF). Real time feedback to athletes is provided Visually (stopwatch or LED Display) or Verbally (time-call or via the AutoCoach Speakers). All data is automatically stored on the Watch, and wirelessly transmitted to a computer via an optional Transceiver.


Automated pre-set time cycles are generated by our system with visual and audible commands used to co-ordinate your squad of athletes. All athletes can see their performance at a glance and know what time cycle they are on. This frees up the coach to give more attention to technique and motivation.


A versatile wireless race starting and timing system that is easy to setup and use! Race starters will love the pre-programmed official race commands, saving their voice while remaining in full control of each command. All times and results can be downloaded to a computer. Minimal timekeepers are needed for your next race meet, whether a PB challenge, club meet, school meet or sporting carnival. The system uses the same equipment used in squad training, maximising your investment.