Beliefs and Values

We believe that immersive learning experiences using XR technologies have the potential to unlock the further potential of learners not yet revealed by the use of conventional educational methods alone. Immersive XR experiences transcend traditional practices and environments, developing inquiry and computational and innovative thinking skills that enhance the ability of learners to approach real world challenges with confidence and perseverance, whilst simultaneously promoting the dispositional attitudes and competencies needed to work independently and as members of highly effective collaborative teams.

Our children will live in an information and technology rich future, dramatically different to the world we currently know. At GAILA we are therefore deeply committed to actively embracing the promise of the future ‘today’ so that the world of XR becomes a natural and integral part of each student’s learning experience, drawing the future closer and welcoming it with anticipation, hope, and strength.

It is GAILA’s ambition to contribute to peace and friendship in our world for the future of children and young people.