Membership Standards

1.GAILA believes that membership should be extended to any registered institution allied to education, health and wellbeing, industry, government, or any other domain of interest, so long as the institution is faithful to the mission of the association and shares in its commitment to the promotion of the constructive and ethical use of immersive technologies in making teaching, learning, human wellbeing, and the world, better places.

2.Membership of GAILA shall be approved by the Executive Office following completion of the required registration form, including the submission of evidence of the formal registration of the institution and the recording of a formal commitment to the associations stated standards of membership.

3.The stated mission and operation of individual GAILA members shall be in keeping with appropriate respect for inclusion, diversity, and equity.

4.GAILA members are expected to respect the relevant laws, regulations, languages, cultures and traditions of the countries in which they are registered, as well as those of Japan.

5.GAILA will not condone any actions by its members that might jeopardize its relationship with the government of Japan, or any other country. Any such actions may result in termination of membership.

6.GAILA members must comply with membership and other rules established by the board of directors and bylaws delegated by the rules.